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I really don't think people want me to be anything that I'm not. I think that people that are listening to my music, that are actual fans of, you know, this "whole body of music"; they see that I really try to come from an honest place, telling stories, a lot of stories of my life and I think when I stop beeing honest, people would know and the'll se through it. For me, I really appreciate someone that is always kinda beeing an open book. ... Some of my stories will make you laugh, may make you think, maybe they'll make you cry, whatever it is, my ultimate goal is to make people feel with music. Because I know when I hear a song, and I'm on a certain mood, it can make me wanna change my own plans for the night. Like, I wanna go out with my friends because I hear a couple of songs, and it will make me wanna go dancing; and then there'll be some songs that I hear, and I'm not in a good mood and maybe they'll make me cry or they'll make me revaluate my life and I think that is really important the power of music and hopefully people can hear that display in my records. ... I really want to grow with my fans and my music, I wanted to be new, and fun, and fresh. But I think it will always be me. It won't be me trying to be anything I'm not.Signature

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